On pain and boundaries

Pointing at my hair, she said that’s how human hair was supposed to be. Like a white woman’s hair. What?! I could only shake my head, unable to reply. Then I changed the subject, because I was too uncomfortable. We never spoke about hair again, but her words haunted me for months after I left West Africa. I tried to …

It’s time for some (social) change!

We see ourselves as mediators, who support a process worth to be carried out, and we are constantly searching for partners, who want to join us in the effort to a fairer world for young girls and women, leading to a sustainable future for us all.

Who we are

“When you lift up women, you lift up humanity.” Melinda Gates Problem Being female in our world automatically presents you with multiple obstacles: social norms and stereotypes about your talents and abilities, especially about career and life choices. In most Western countries in the world women still have lower wages and remain underrepresented in many professions as well as in higher …