Between November 2020 and May 2021, we piloted a series of 9 livestreams with inspiring women, where we had female guests with moving stories to share.

Some of them were in English, most of them though took place in German. Some of the ladies were entrepreneuers (with foreign background), others had a very innovative vision and multiple roles to play in their lives. From a TV host to a climate activist, we tried to provide diverse and interesting input to all our viewers.

You can check the results of this first “season” below and give us feedback. Maybe you know someone interested to raise her voice a share a story? Or maybe it is even you?

Write to us and let us discuss the options to collaborate!

Livestreams in English

  • December 2020: When your chosen home is on fire, Monica and Liliana Conde, Entrepreneurs and NGO founders from Colombia, based in Armenia. Link to Stream
  • April 2021: Rukayyat Kolawole: About financial independence and women empowerment
    Link to Stream

Livestreams in German

  • November 2020: A Home Away from Home, Forough und Sahar, Dr and Dr Middle Eastern Culture and Food Lab