Livestream: When your chosen home is under fire

On 2nd of December, we will talk to two exceptional women, living across cultures (the Colombian and the Armenian ones)!

The Conde sisters, Monica and Liliana, are Colombians, who chose to live literally in the other part of the world, namely in the Caucasus. Several years ago, they moved to Armenia.

Since then, Monica has built a dance school and created the salsa dance community in Yerevan. Together with Liliana, they started and managed the night club “La Casa”. Liliana is currently pursuing a business career in the IT-sector, while Monica keeps bringing the people to dance and smile, wherever she appears.

Recently, their work and dedication totally shifted. Since the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia overtook the life of the locals, both sisters started supporting the victims in Artsakh and the refugees, coming to Armenia, through all possible means.

Liliana has been leading successful fundraising campaigns throughout Armenia and all her international networks in support of a local NGO. Now, they launch their new project, dedicated especially to babys from Artsakh.

After working for two months delivering food, hygiene and cleaning products to families from Artsakh, they identified a constant need for baby formula, diapers and other baby products that as most of them are imported, the prices are to high for the families.

Their goal is to help a small number of families to have all products they need for their babies on a monthly basis during the winter.

We we talk with them about the culture they live in, the work that makes their hearts beat faster and the ways to help as a women in an unpredictable reality of war. And still, there is hope!

Join us and ask them your questions! 

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