Who we are

When you lift up women, you lift up humanity.” 
Melinda Gates


Being female in our world automatically presents you with multiple obstacles: social norms and stereotypes about your talents and abilities, especially about career and life choices. In most Western countries in the world women still have lower wages and remain underrepresented in many professions as well as in higher management and in politics. 

For example, in Germany women earn about 20% less than men, represent 22% of the managers and only 30% of the deputies in the Bundestag are female.

In many of the Global South countries, the choices on a woman´s future are not her own, but taken by family members or predestined by social norms on early marriage and obedience to familiar hierarchies.

Due to scarce resources, in many countries worldwide the hope for future return on investment from their own child’s education is traditionally set on boys or on a limited number of children within the family. Paired with the common misbelief, that it is not as “profitable” to invest in girls, or at least, not in all of them, especially when having numerous children, it leads to the fact that girls often don’t have the same access to educational and financial resources.

Our Vision

We envision a world, in which every girl, regardless of economic and social background, has the freedom to actively make choices, access to quality education, which provides her with the opportunity to become her best self and the power to shape her own life.

We work towards the chance for every girl to be whoever she chooses: an engineer, a mathematician, a soccer player, a biologist, a mom, a model, a leader – or all of them, if she wishes.

We fight for the future in which girls and aspiring young women are not afraid to be themselves but empowered to grow.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower girls and young women around the world to be their best self through access to education: not only in the traditional way ( i.e. by facilitating access to school) but also by providing extra-curriculum empowerment workshops on different topics and therefore offering insights and know-how on social, cultural and structural dynamics in order to dismantle constructed inequalities and prejudices and empower girls to dare and thrive

We believe that this is groundbreaking for their intellectual growth, (future) financial and personal independence and also crucial for developing their potential. On the other hand, the girls of today are the mothers of tomorrow and, as women are the main caregivers in families, empowering them now will have in future a profound effect on other areas from food security, through education to medical care and, in the long run, on family planning and poverty reduction.

We work directly with the beneficiaries from regions which we know from personal experience, both in Germany and abroad. Having lived and worked in different countries for long periods of time, we have witnessed the devastating examples of girls´ discrimination on multiple levels. It was especially painful to observe how oppressive models, clichés or simply put, poverty, still keep girls at home, instead of school, force them into early marriages or predestinate their career decisions.

Our values


We all flourish in diversity and being equal while embracing our differences is what creates real magic in our world. 


The ability to face reality as it is, is the basis for changing it.


We walk the talk! Having strong moral principles, staying accountable to the people we serve and delivering on our promises  is fundamental to us.


An open and honest approach to everything and with everyone is key for our work. 


Idealism is great, but only when it involves real change for real people. 


When 1 + 1 equals a lot. 


The ability to put away one’s ego, even if you are 100%right, is what makes human connection possible. 

©️ Photo by Aaron Santelices on Unsplash