“Girls don´t become engineers”, “Boys have natural talent for math”, “Technology is simply not my thing.”

In the first six years of our lives, we don’t have the capacity to think logically, to question the things we hear or see and to rationalize. Moreover, the human brain is not fully developed until our late twenties. While this means, that we have a lot of time to process childhood trauma, it also puts children in an even more vulnerable position. Many stereotypes like the ones listed above form a child´s identity early in life. The pressure gets bigger in school and social expectations often force a choice. Are you going to take the typically “male” or the typically “female” professional path? Many children and young adults make decisions on their life-long development based on social expectations and culturally constructed biases.

We at Empowerly want to challenge that.

Project Components

  • We offer creative workshops, especially designed for girls at high school age. They consist of a technical component and an artistic component. The goal is for the participants to identify their talents and strengths, to develop them further and, following, to build a healthy self-esteem, based on facts and informed choices.
  • To support the process with examples, we partner with inspiring women with diverse backgrounds, such as engineers, mathematicians, pilots, tax consultants and many others. They provide insights from their current working experience and share the lessons they learned on the way of becoming a successful woman in a “men´s profession”.


  • Target group: 12-19-year-old school girls
  • Maximum participants at a single workshop: 12 pro
  • Costs: free
  • Location: In your school or online
  • Time: flexible, depending on your preferences
  • Format: single Workshop (90 minutes) or two- three days (à 40 minutes)


A career in a technical field?

We begin with a brief test, defining the personal preferences and the interests of the participants. In continuation, we implement experiments, try out small exercises and lead group discussions on a career choice of specific professions.

A highlight of the workshops are usually hands-on exercises, that allow the participants to try out a profession in practice, by connecting a circuit for example or through other practical experiments.

Last but not least, we bring in successful women from the real world in a life or pre-recorded format, where the girls can in advance ask questions and understand better the typical day of a lawyer, airplane pilot or a Siemens engineer.

Dance workshop: Body language and confident presence in public

We all perform on the stage of life daily, but sadly, often we are afraid to bring the best of us to light. One reason is the fear of judgement and our insecurities about the way other people perceive us. This is normal and yet some small changes can bring tremendous benefits to a girl´s self-esteem when communicating, applying for a job or negotiating later on her salary. We build on the joy and swing of the Caribbean dances salsa and bachata and use these and further dance and mediation approaches to make the girls aware of their body language and to support them in building a confident presence in harmony of their talents and potential.


Our trainers are women with different backgrounds. They have studied social or natural sciences and have between 5 and 20 years of professional experience as engineers, insurance consultants, psychologists, journalists and many others.

Some of them have a multicultural and multilingual background, others were born and raised in rural areas of Germany. They all share the passion of empowerment and believe that we, women, can achieve so much more, if we have the right examples, the necessary information and the self-trust to challenge the status quo. They are doing exactly this and are glad and thankful to share their experiences and inspire young girls to take a similar path.


You are a teacher, a school director or a representative of an organisation, willing to collaborate with us? We are looking forward to reading from you! Send us a brief message at: