It’s time for some (social) change!

This is our aspiration and it gives us enough motivation to get started in a tedious run towards equality.

We decided to found our own organisation in the summer of 2019, shortly after Anna came back from her two-year assignment as Communication for Development Officer through Bread for the World in Armenia and Zornitsa was re-shaping both her professional and personal priorities.

The idea is a logical continuation of our human and professional values because we witness injustice towards young girls and women in all countries, which we have been living and studying at, including Bulgaria, Armenia, Colombia, Guinea, and Germany and are in constant contact with people who give us feedback from the ground.

In each country we have lived inequality on different levels: from safety issues and violence treats, through shortage of resources for young girls, forced early marriages or even cultural traditions, expecting women with high education to give it all up: inequality has many faces and shapes but it is still there, here, actually, surprisingly; everywhere. It seems to be rooted in the way things have always been for far too long.

Luckily enough, we have also met many strong, self- conscious and -confident women in each of the mentioned countries, who have own ideas for how to make a change within the society they belong to but wish to reshape. That is exactly what we wish to support- change on the ground, coming from the specialists, who live the problem and come up with a solution but may need some financial support, counselling sessions or improvement workshops and honest, eye level communication to help them carry on the tasks.

This is where we come in the process. Not with the magic box full of solutions, but with an open heart and the wish to deeply listen to what the people are actually needing.

We see ourselves as mediators, who support a process worth to be carried out, and we are constantly searching for partners, who want to join us in the effort to a fairer world for young girls and women, leading to a sustainable future for us all.

Photo by Aleksander Borzenets on Unsplash