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Dear friends, we are happy to tell you that our first project is launching. Let’s take a look at Colonia Escolar de Vacaciones, situated in Turbaco, Colombia.

The idea to start collaborating was born thanks to the feedback of a Colombian friend who personally knew this very special place and helped us establish contact with a girls’ boarding school (internat) in Turbaco. This is the last such place (and space) in Northern Colombia and it’s quite unique. Currently, 48 girls at the age between 5 and 10, coming from very poor families live, grow, study and find hope and human warmth there.

In some cases, they still have living parents, who visit them once a week and even take them home for the weekend but can’t afford to take care of them within their own household. Many other girls have lost a family member, or have lived violence, sometimes even within the own four walls.

In the internat, the girls receive free food, accommodation, lessons, creative opportunities for leisure activities, even psychological support, but most importantly, a perspective for education and growth. Unfortunately, the institution is fighting for survival. Established in 1948, it is completely dependent on public funding, which is a huge burden (not only) in Colombia.

In the beginning, the boarding school used to accommodate around 80 girls, currently it has the capacity to support merely half of them and, without further support, the situation will get even worse.

Help us to give the internat the opportunity to keep up the good work in a country with huge potential, but currently torn by war and poverty!

The girls need:
1. Further, systematic work with psychologists, who support them through lived traumas and equip them to face the future.

2. Practical utilities like:
– Gas stove
– Bread oven
– Freezer and refrigerator
– Diverse kitchen utensils, including pans, plates, a blender, cutlery
– Ventilators
– Matrices, bed sheets

Empowerly believes in the internat and in it’s mission. We also believe in collaboration and wholehearted support.

What about the girls? Their believes are being shaped by their experiences, which have been pretty tough for children this little. Let’s reverse this and show them that we care!

Empowerly does. Do you?

Please donate here or use the donation button:
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IBAN: DE09 1004 0000 0809 4955 00
Reference: Turbaco

100% of the donations will be given to the internat.