A couple of days ago a three-year-old from my daughter’s kindergarden peed in his last clean pants just when his mom came to pick him up. Without giving it much thought, his mother opened his sister’s drawer and – not being able to find any pants – gave him one of her skirts to wear on the way home. He laughed and put it on quickly, clearly delighted to wear something that belongs to the big sis.

– Are you a girl now? – asked a (female) teacher laughing. He laughed even harder. Being a girl appeared to be something cool.

– No! – another (male) teacher interrupted with a sarcastic gaze. – He is just living our zeitgeist. It is really trendy now, you know, not to believe in hm… gender.

The father of another boy laughed. I rolled my eyes and forced myself not to say anything. I knew I had no chance.

Yet I have to ask myself all the time: are we unconsciously teaching our sons that female is less than male?