Our mission

When you lift up women, you lift up humanity.” 
Melinda Gates

Our mission is to empower girls and young women from underprivileged regions of the world through access to (non-)formal education and business opportunities. We believe that this is groundbreaking for their intellectual growth, (future) financial and personal independence and also crucial for developing their potential. On the other hand, as women are the main caregivers in families, empowering them will have a profound effect on other areas from food security, through education to medical care and, in the long run, on family planning and poverty reduction.

We work directly with the beneficiaries from regions which we know from personal experience. Having lived and worked there for long periods of time, we have witnessed the devastating examples of girls discrimination on multiple levels. It was especially painful to observe how oppressive models, clichés or simply put, poverty, still keep girls at home, instead of school, force them into early marriages or predestinate their career decisions.   

©️ Photo by Aaron Santelices on Unsplash