Gyumri, Armenia

Cooperation with handicraft women artists from Armenia

Starting form 2020, Empowerly aspires to expand its approach to women related projects by inviting active artists to offer their unique pieces for sale in Germany, and further, within Europe.

Thus, Empowerly respects the initial brand and promotes it without claiming any ownership, which remains with the artists. Through this approach, we see ourselves as the mediator, but this time in business projects, which have the potential to become self-sustaining in the long-run, because we don’t believe in dependency and charity-models for sustainable growth.

Much more, Empowerly wants to use its location within Europe to empower others to enter markets, traditionally closed to them due to their location. One such example represent our talented partners from Armenia. We connect them to existing online shops and other merchants in Europe, support the logistical processes and enable the communication between buyers and producers. That’s it! Good things can be surprisingly simple.

Have a look at our first artist Anahit. She started the brand MayRin in Gyumri. Her works combine natural products with paintings by hand, love to the detail and very fine processing. They can be ordered currently via