Our vision

Our vision is a world in which organizations like ours are obsolete. No, really!

Equality and creation of opportunities for all girls and young women around the world.

Due to scarce resources, in many countries worldwide the hope for future return on investment from the own child´s education is traditionally set on boys or on a limited number of children within the family. Paired with the common miss-belief, that it is not as “profitable” to invest in girls, or at least, not in all of them, especially when having numerous children, it leads to the fact that girls often don´t have the same access to educational and financial resources.

We aspire to live in a world, in which every individual, regardless of gender, economic and social background, has access to quality education, the freedom to actively make choices, the opportunity to become her or his best self and the power to shape their own life.

We envisage a world in which 50% of the businesses are owned by women.

We work towards the chance for every girl to be herself: a soccer player, a biologist, a mom, a model, a leader – or all of them, if she wishes.

We fight for the future in which women are not afraid to be themselves but empowered to grow.

Join us!

Photo by Himanshu Singh Gurjar on Unsplash